Website Administration Services provides technical services to micro, small and home business owners. This may be in the form of spot work or short term contracts including Original content, Data input, SEO, Update or other various web site enhancements or requirements. Please feel free to ask if you are unsure if we can cater to your needs.

Website Administration Services also offers an exceptional fully managed or semi-managed hosting service to micro, small and home business owners.

All of our clients continue to experience many free and proven page one listings in various Google and Bing search results.

Why can't I find my website on Google or Bing?
Nearly all major do-it-yourself web site packages are ineffective because managing a website does require correct setup and on-going due diligence. This is why major companies hire expert staff at the cost of thousands or millions of dollars per year. Their overall plan is to make your website totally ineffective and to make you dependant on advertising or other highly paid services. Do not search with Bing or Yahoo and the internet will stay free for small business. Yes. In spite of any contrary rumour, that is how it is. For now, use Google always.

The internet is the best grass roots means of communication on Earth, not facebook. Google is simply the best tool anyone can freely use to discover any local product or local business.

I get emails saying I need SEO, Links, Content or am a victim of Penguin or Panda
If you have a web site, you most likely already recieve much spam email to this effect. Most of it is hog-wash and unneccessary. However, many business owners understand very little technical terminology or have very little or no idea how to set up an effective website. The website owner may then consider paying for online schemes which are either not important, ineffective, are free elsewhere or are not needed at all.

In many cases, we can more than halve your website expense whilst we double your exposure to interested internet clients. We use analytics [counter and information tool] which sends a free monthly report showing you this.

Prove it now!
Were we hard to find? Also, we can test another technical aspect of Website Performance at Test your website, or google, facebook, microsoft etc. and then try ours. Simply copy and paste the URL addresses in the space provided.


Our mission is to create and host powerfully effective yet low in cost websites that will enable local business to cut expenses. Your savings can then go toward expansion and you can hire local staff. Our wish is to help you expand and become more prosperous in your local area.


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$ 9.95 to 19.95 per month
For "Static" or "Promotional" full featured websites and includes domain name email and online contact form. Multi pages. No hidden extras.

$ 34.95 per month
For "Semi-static" or "Promotional" website with extra email[s] and database [such as a "subscribe for newsletter" list] as above and includes online website log-in.

$ 49.95 per month
For "Shopping" or edit "Prices Database" website as above and with paypal integration and with easy to use backend store administration [can be managed too if required].

Once off Setup fees.
Depending on requirements $ call. Initial migration or conversion may entail extra charges. Websites requiring weekly or more updates may require a higher monthy charge and depends on average workload. If in doubt ask. All pricing plans include free monthly updates at any time at your request. We continue to monitor your search rankings and advise then carry out improvements as an ongoing free service to you.

Privacy Policy

We personally consider online privacy to be an inalienable right. If you give us data for use with your website or for contact, that will be stored for normal business use but not in any databases accessible through the internet. We never share your data.


Refunds are handled as instore credit. This means you may use any credit to ask us to empower any website of your choice up to the value of the amount in labour. You may elect us to empower a friends or another's website if you so choose.

Shopping Carts

Web Site design, Unique Content and Shopping Carts are supplied at cost through Visit the site for more extensive information.

Website Design Examples

WebSite Design Examples

You can also create or choose web site templates or we can convert/re-use your existing web site or add features and design to your specifications. Talk to us. You will be glad you did.

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